*bzzt*… We are still alive but something has changed…

Publisher note:
First, we would like to apologize for a long time you had to wait for any update regarding the Electrician Simulator. We know that these few-months break might make you think we abandoned the project.

Well, we did not!

The reason behind the hiatus – we were not satisfied with the overall game quality and development progress. For that reason Electrician Simulator has been taken over by Take IT Studio!.

Due to the great interest in the game, we wanted to improve the quality of the game and introduce many new solutions that were not possible before as well.

The game is going to receive regular updates about its progress from now every 2 weeks. We encourage You to become a part of development as we are always open to ideas and feedback.

Now we leave it to Take IT Studio! to share their vision of a game.
Yours, Gaming Factory S.A. Team

Hi there!
We are Take IT Studio! and we are pleased to announce that we are new developers of Electrician Simulator! We liked the idea of the project, but we knew it could be developed better. And now we have a chance to prove it.

What is our idea for Electrician Simulator? Well, we want to make it fun, but not „stupid fun”. We want every player to enjoy our game. It does not matter if you are a professional electrician or you know nothing about electricity.

We take care of how the game looks, so details and lightening are significant to us.
Imagine turning on and off nearly all the lights in the house and change the overall mood. Or going down to the black basement using only your flashlight to look for detailed electrician tools. How cool is that?

For now, we do not have much to share as the game is undergoing a big graphical overhaul, but we can share a few sneak peeks of the „brand new” Electrician Simulator!

Psst! You can see our first try to make the UI a lot simpler and cleaner down below:

From now you will read about the game a lot more often. We will update you on the progress of Electrician Simulator and gather your feedback.

Dorian Loewe
COO of Take IT Studio!