Look, interact, repeat. Do you interact with the world?

Days are passing by, and we are working on some new content. At the same time, we try to simplify existing game mechanics and tweak them to be fun.

So, what is our main focus right now?

Working on interactions
How to make a game immersive? Well, you have to make sure that many interactions are possible and that those interactions look real. It is not that easy to make an object interactable and to handle both gamepad and mouse/keyboard inputs. Now we are working on electrical sockets. We want to make them fun but also to make them look realistic.

It is not final, but we like how smooth working with this socket is. And we want to make it even better! Also, you can see that there are some wires under the socket. Well, we will tell you more about cables in the upcoming devlogs.

So, what else have we got for you?

We are also working on a LOT of 3D assets: sockets, switches, screwdrivers and many, many different tools, which we mainly create from scratch. We want those assets to be unique and very good in terms of quality.

And of course, you can interact with items and tools on levels. Our goal is to make many, many different things interactable.

Another thing we started to work on is the player’s laptop. It is the most significant tool in your office. Here you can find all the jobs, look for new supplies in the online shop or even buy some damaged gear and repair it! For now, let’s take a look at the computer itself. Later, we will show you how it works.

And that’s all this week! We hope that you wait for Electrician Simulator as it encourages us to work faster and better! See you in the next Devlog!

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