Unique customers. Go and visit them!

Hi everyone!
Another week, another content sneak peek 👀

Today, we want to show you how we handle some uniqueness in Electrician Simulator. In our game, you will get a lot of tasks from a lot of different customers. How to make their houses look different? How to make sure that players feel the customers’ sense of style?

The same, but different?
Let’s say people in Electrician Simulator’s world buy very similar types of furniture. But it would be kind of boring if all of them look the same. That’s why we create many materials variations. Now, every house and every piece of furniture can look unique, even if someone bought it in the same store.

Just look at the compilation below:

As you can see, not only we change furniture colours, but we also modify walls, floors and ceilings. Those changes make rooms even more unique. We can randomize every room appearance. That also means different window setups.

Can you spot all differences? ↓

Who would use such blue colours in their house?! Well, non of our business. We can use more discreet colours, and you will still see the difference. The thing is that even with the same furniture given room can be unusual. Of course, it doesn’t mean we only use one set of furniture and appliances. But we want to make sure that you will not spot the same place twice.

Anything more?
Yes! We started implementing a new user interface, as you can see below. But wait, what’s with all of those weird words?! That’s Polish language, meaning we also started working on localizing the game! You will need to wait a little bit longer for all of the languages we support.

And that’s all this week! We hope that you wait for Electrician Simulator as it encourages us to work faster and better! See you in the next Devlog!

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