We are a relatively young studio, but we gather many veterans of the virtual reality and video games industry. We are no strangers to advanced and detailed simulators, complex video games, or simple mobile productions. Years of experience in other teams and as subcontractors allow us to independently develop applications in a very wide range. We believe that every idea is worth implementing, so we also help our clients in terms of content.


Currently we create few different games. With our simulators, we want to redefine this genre, showing that they can be relaxing, but also interesting and eye-catching games. In our titles, we don't focus on controversy, but on quality and playability. In our spare time, we also create simple mobile games, perfect for short breaks at work.


Every idea is worth attention. Therefore, we consider all ideas individually. Sometimes all you need is a seed of information, and sometimes you need precise guidelines. We offer creating games and applications from scratch, as well as consulting and finalizing already existing prototypes. We specialize in many areas.
Video Games
Experience and passion allow us to create dedicated, unique games on request. We also create our own productions, but these are now at an early stage of development.
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality allows users to enter the world we present with the help of specialized goggles. We offer both application development and the provision of professional equipment.
Mobile Applications
We offer the implementation of any dedicated application for the selected platform. The program can only be an add-on to another service or a separate complete product. We also handle software publishing.


It all started with two friends who shared their passion and ideas ... Having several joint projects behind us, we decided to create our own brand from scratch, focusing on, among other things, the production of video games, mobile productions or virtual reality applications. However, we would not have achieved anything without the team, which at the moment consists of over 15 people.
Wojciech Kloc
Wojciech Kloc


Take IT Studio! founder, skilled programmer, and card games master.

Dorian Loewe
Dorian Loewe


Gamer and geek by night, designer and creative idea guy by day.

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