We are a relatively young studio, but we gather many veterans of the virtual reality and video games industry. We are no strangers to advanced and detailed simulators, complex video games, or simple mobile productions. Years of experience in other teams and as subcontractors allow us to independently develop applications in a very wide range. We believe that every idea is worth implementing, so we also help our clients in terms of content.
years of experience


Take IT Studio! team members have been involved in many different projects. We most often co-created projects with the support of numerous partners. Each project was unique and our approach was individual. Projects have been developed over the years - some of their results can be seen in popular locations. Here are examples of our implementations:


Cooperation with The Farm 51 company in the field of production, management and business contacts.

Chernobyl VR Project

The first ever virtual tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat for VR devices such as Oculus, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and mobile devices such as Samsung Gear VR.

MS Piłsudski

Filled with photos, documents and interesting facts about MS Piłsudski, the story is made more attractive with dynamic special effects, which are associated with the underwater world where the action takes place.

Niepodległa w obiektywie

The interactive internet platform "Niepodległa w obiektywie" is a website, richly illustrated with photographs, documents and museum collections, devoted to the Second Polish Republic.

Wirtualne Serce

Cooperation with Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. Augmented Reality (AR) application for learning anatomy and physiology according to the curriculum.

Asbestos Removal Simulator

The VR training laboratory established in cooperation with "Główny Instytut Górnictwa". Multiplayer supporting two real-time stations.


Sales VR application for smartphones presenting the advantages of Wielton semi-trailers.

Statki. Nasza Pasja

Concept and design of an interactive showroom showing the potential and innovative nature of Remontowa Holding S.A.


A multimedia system that allows a quick overview of the collection of clothes without having to try them on. 3D modeled outfits, applied to the silhouette of the user recorded through the camera lens.


Creation of a system of interactive floors that act as advertising media.


Together with the strategy and communication department of mBank, we have prepared a number of pioneering interactive solutions in the bank's branches located in shopping centers.


Marketing application for HTC Vive presenting a new Goodyear product, allowing for complete immersion in the world of brand innovation and user interaction with the presented product.


Showroom for Nowy Styl Group, where the manufacturer's customers can take a walk around the arranged virtual office, configure the arrangement of furniture, or choose the colors of the furniture.

Game (VR)

Our own project which has been in production for several months. We're not ready to share the details yet, but it will be soon.

Game (Steam)

A board game for the Steam platform created at the request of a large publisher.


We use many popular solutions in our applications. We are always up to date with technological innovations and the best systems on the market. Our experts select and adapt given solutions individually for each project. Of course, we are always open to suggestions and preferences of our clients. We use, among others:


Every idea is worth attention. Therefore, we consider all ideas individually. Sometimes all you need is a seed of information, and sometimes you need precise guidelines. We offer creating games and applications from scratch, as well as consulting and finalizing already existing prototypes. We specialize in many areas.
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality allows users to enter the world we present with the help of specialized goggles. We offer both application development and the provision of professional equipment.
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality connects the real world with the virtual world. The user, most often using a telephone, watches digital content placed in a real environment. This technology is available almost to everyone.
Mobile Applications
We offer the implementation of any dedicated application for the selected platform. The program can only be an add-on to another service or a separate complete product. We also handle software publishing.
Video Games
Experience and passion allow us to create dedicated, unique games on request. We also create our own productions, but these are now at an early stage of development.
Interactive Spaces
Galleries, museums, shops, cinemas - these spaces look better when they contain interactive elements. These can be smart mirrors, animated floors or information kiosks. Interactions have been attracting masses of customers for years.
Video Production
Directing, production and editing of films are also not a problem for us. We create films that correspond to the vision of our clients or we help to create this vision. We also combine traditional films with VR, AR and 360 technologies.


Our team consists of a few people working constantly on or main projects and supervising all of the others. For our projects, we select suitable teams often not being part of the main crew. Our experience lets us perfectly build those unique teams to suit every single project.
Wojciech Kloc
Wojciech Kloc

CEO, Lead Programmer

Take IT Studio! founder, skilled programmer, and card games master.

Dorian Loewe
Dorian Loewe

COO, Project Manager

Gamer and geek by night, designer and creative idea guy by day.

Marek Orzechowski
Marek Orzechowski

Lead Artist

Graphic designer, artist, and a tidy job enthusiast. He is no stranger to any 3D subject.

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