Thanks, Dad! Now, what next?

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I got a garage from my dad! And his old yet still running car. I guess he knew that electricity is my passion, and I need someplace to practice and focus on my future customers. Now I can finally start my small company and help all of those people with their faulty electrical boxes, light switches etc. It can’t be that hard, can it?

So, I brought my old laptop, created a business e-mail address, and now I have to wait for some new customers. I hope that the more simple jobs I do, the more reputation I will gain! I will use that old pickup to get to people’s houses.

But what if they need me to do some more complicated tasks? For now, I can only fix the light switch, connect the wires to a power outlet and do some magic in a fuse box. I guess I will learn more stuff soon. And I don’t have many tools. Hopefully, I will get some money for a few of my first tasks.

That was a fragment of our electrician’s diary. As you can see, we are working on a story and a game loop. You can now go to missions and do some first fixes! We can’t show you any missions’ content yet, but we are looking forward to it!

And that’s all this week! See you in the next Devlog!

Take IT Studio!