Find out the connection!

Hello everyone!

Today we want to show you a new game mechanic we have been working on. You have already seen some of our electrical objects, such as lamps, switches etc. But how do you connect them? They need some wires, don’t they?

We implemented a new system of connecting those objects. Now, a lamp needs to be connected to the switch. And then, the switch needs to be connected to the fuse. Yes, our fusebox is working now!

And then there is a wire detector. Just click on the switch to check all of the wires connected to it. If they are green – there is electricity. If they are red – you need to check what is wrong.

Oh, and can you see that little image on the wire detector? We also try to show some connections directly into it. It will be more challenging but probably even more fun!

Of course, it is still a work in progress, so all of the visuals will improve. Moreover, we work on the system of laying new cables on your own! Maybe we will show them to you in our next Devlog? 🤔

And that’s all this week! See you in the next Devlog!

Take IT Studio!