Disassemble, repair, assemble.

Hi there!

You like helping people, right? You like going to their places, fixing their outlets, switches etc., right? But what if there is a device to repair? And that device does not need your presence at the customer’s home?

We present to you – the workbench. Here, you can fix every device you receive from your beloved customers. First – let’s take a look at the carbon monoxide detector. It’s a device that saves lives, so you need to make sure it works properly!

Sometimes you only need to replace old batteries. It seems to be easy, but not all of the customers are that smart! This time it is not about batteries – something else is broken.

Let’s look a little bit closer. By buying a screwdriver, you gain access to the inside of the device. Inspect, check what’s wrong and repair or replace the faulty part!

Your tools can also brake so be careful and use them wisely! Try to be a smart worker. Sometimes it’s way cheaper to buy a small part rather than try to repair it.

Oh, you finished already? Great, now just return the device to the customer and get the proper reward. Good job!

And that’s all this week! See you in the next Devlog!

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