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game overview

You do not know anything, yet you have to move forward. Wander through the corridors of a mysterious factory and recover your abilities. Fight patroling drones and break through to demanding boss battles.

Seek a way out and find the meaning of the game’s title.

fig. is our first take on a self-published game. It’s a platformer inspired by classic retro games with a sci-fi setting. Get ready for a 2-3 hours adventure where you have to fight enemies, unlock abilities and uncover the secret behind fig.

release date
24 Oct 2022
our work
Game development, porting and publishing



Appearing as unknown character, in strange place, with very limited tools… You have to move forward. Fight your way through corridors, defeat drones and robots to unevil the truth about yourself.


Use your arsenal to defeat encountered opponents. Invent various strategies to beat over 5 types of enemies!


Collect all chips to unlock new abilities and look for secret places which can ease your path through the levels.


Crave your skills to ultimately beat 3 bosses and reveal the truth about FIG!