Take IT Studio!

The origins of „Take IT Studio!”

You ask in letters where the name „Take IT Studio!” came from. What do you have to „take?” Why is „IT” capitalized, and why is the exclamation point at the end, anyway?

Today, as part of the first trivia about the company, we will answer these questions!

The initial inspiration was the TV series… Dexter! Specifically, the 8th episode of the 5th season titled „Take It!”. We were very fond of this series, although our company is based on a slightly different activity…

Written in capital letters, „IT” refers to the abbreviation you know, which comes from „information technology”.

Initially, our brand was to be called „Take IT VR!” or, in free translation, „Take it to Virtual Reality!”. With an exclamation point, encouraging action, of course. However, it quickly became apparent that VR was one of many fields in which we wanted to operate. Instead of creating more brands (games, AR, mobile), we decided to make one big one – Studio.

And that’s how „Take IT Studio!” was created. A name that, as you can see, had several inspirations.